Manufacturing & QA
for quality service
Investments into high tech technology, imported machines and quality process have been the key factors for Pelican’s exponential growth in the last decade. able to control and ensure quality service delivery at each stage of production of all items, as all items are locally manufactured and assembled at our own factory in Nairobi, Kenya. Pelican has invested into computerized equipment for most production processes. This will ensure every sign produced is a replica of the previous one.
  • Road Signages
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Assembly, Packing and Storage
Having two companies at our disposal we are able to carry out all production and assembly processes in-house. In addition we have quite a large space available. Thus it is possible to manufacture and store within our own premises
The volume sales of product ranges are compared to each category on a monthly basis and it its own category the previous month. This allows us to plot the sales of each product on a graph each month.
of the Signages
We not only manufacture and design but olso do the installation
Policies and Procedures
for sustainability
Pelican has been inspected by NEMA. We're a member of International Sign Association - ISA, Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS), and of Federation of Kenyan Employers (FKE)
  • Environmental Issues
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